Pen Testing & Ethical Hacking

New Course as of Jan 2018

Pen testing & ethical hacking (white hat course)

Learn how to do ethical hacking, penetration testing, web testing, and Wi-Fi hacking. A penetration test is where a system is subjected to a range of real-life hacks for the purpose of finding the security weakness so they can be fixed in time preventing cybercriminal from gaining access.
For this course, you will learn to use many of the hacking tools cybercriminal use, as well as hacking techniques so that you can help system owner’s close security holes for the purpose of keeping the cybercriminal out.

Are Laptops required:
During the class, we will cover a lot of theory and there will be live hacking lab demonstrations, so your laptop will not be required for the class, but you will be given hacking lab exercises that you can work at from home.

Is there an exam:
There is no exam included with this course, but during the course, you will be introduced to different certification you can take as the next step on from this course.


How to attend:
Course Time: Monday Evening 7 pm to 9 pm
Start Date: Monday 29 Jan 2018
Cost: €130
Duration: 10 weeks
Enrol Online:
Places are limited so early enrolment is advised.



Adult Education Office,
Carrigaline Community School,
Co. Cork,