Hands-on Forensics and Pen-testing Course

  • From speaking to many Cyber Security Profession, I identified there is a big gap in the market where so many of the big qualifications around penetration testing and forensics are all theory exam based, and the most of associated courses are all theory based. This has also lead to a gap in the Cyber Security market when many individuals have great qualifications but little to no practical knowledge. To be a really good Cyber Security Professional you need the theory, but you also need to know how to get your hands dirty so hands-on practical knowledge in Important. This year at the  Carrigaline Community School Adult Education Center I am running a 10-week hands-on course in Cyber Forensics and Penetration Testing. As per my previous courses, this is a low-cost security course, so its affordable to everyone.
  • How this course differs from past courses that every night you will be doing hand lab work with Forensic and Pentesting tool.
  • To take part in the course you will need a laptop and Kali Linux. You have the option of running Kali Linux from a USB or as a Virtual machine using VMPlayer, or Virtual box. (Sorry but Spare laptops will not be available at the course so each student need to bring your own laptop.
  • To enrol go to http://www.carrigcs.ie/adult-education/

How to Prepare your Laptop for the Course

To prepare your laptop you will need to have Kali Linux running on VMware Player or VirtualBox. This Course is not covering how to install and setup Kali Linux so please refer to the videos below to help you wit this task

How To Install Kali Linux On VMware Player

How to install Kali Linux 2018.2 on VirtualBox