Recover Lost or Deleted Files

Recover Lost or Deleted Files


Sometime file get deleted by accident, or over written when you and install another program
Other reasons you file may get lost or delete are:

  1. File was mistakenly deleted.
  2. File was corrupt and deleted by checkdsk, scandisk or a similar disk recovery program
  3. Another program deleted the file during update or installation
  4. You password protected the file and can no longer remember the password file is password protected.
  5. Hard Disk failure
  6. Computer Virus or malware attack.

Some time is quite simple to recover file that have been deleted by going to the windows Recycle Bin and restoring the file. But if you have emptied the recycle bin then you need to use a recovery tool to find the deleted file.
When a file is missing the first step should always be to run a search on you computers disk drive to determine if the missing file had been moved to a different folder or not.
Step 2 is to restore the file from your backups. That is if you have a backup of your computers hard disk.
Step 3 is to use a tool to recover lost and deleted files.
When a file is deleted it is not removed from your hard drive. As long as no other file on your computer has overwritten the deleted file a recovery tool can be used to recover your missing files

Here is a list of some of the Free File recovery Tools:

  • Recuva
  • Restoration
  • Undelete Plus
  • FreeUndelete

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