OnePlus Hacked And Its Online Payment System Was Breached!

OnePlus Hacked And Its Online Payment System Was Breached!

reports are saying that OnePlus was hacked and credit card data belonging to up to 40,000 clients were affected by the security breach that caused the organization shut down the online payment system earlier last week. In the week leading up to this hundreds of clients are claimed to have been reporting fraud on their accounts while purchasing OnePlus products.


The hackers managed to hack into the website and managed to install malicious JavaScript code to grab credit card information at the same time as it was been entered by customers.

This JavaScript running on the website was able to collect credit card data, including card numbers, expiry dates, and security codes which the user were entering in their browser while connecting to the oneplus website.


OnePlus claims that it has identified where the exploit happened and has found the vulnerability, but they are still investigating the data breach.


This type of attack is method is very common 

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