More than 90% of successful cyber attacks worldwide begin with a phishing email

IRONSCALES’ 2017 Email Security Report has revealed that 90–95% of all successful cyber attacks around the world begin with a phishing email. Cybercriminals are adopting and deploying increasingly sophisticated techniques to bypass spam filters and firewalls. Human nature and unaware or preoccupied users are considered contributing factors as they can often be tempted to download a file or click a malicious link that gives criminals access.

Of the 500 cybersecurity employees surveyed, the top “challenge” that security teams have to deal with is the “detection, mitigation, and remediation of email phishing attacks.”

Key findings:

  • 46% advised that it can take more than a day to remove phishing emails from endpoints once an attack has occurred and has been reported to the security team.
  • 67% of employees fall victim to spoofing and impersonation, 35% to branded attacks, and 31% to seasonal attacks.
  • 93% agreed that humans and technology need to work together in order to detect and respond to phishing attacks effectively.
  • 72% think that email scanning and forensic software is the most valuable email security technology.


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Author: Emma Bordessa October 17, 2017 

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