13 March 2024

Security I Trust

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About Security I Trust

Security I Trust was founded in 2008. With a focused on providing a level of IT Security that is affordable by most small, medium and large enterprises.

The Company Founder Niall O’Farrell has over 25 years of experience working internationally in the field of IT, 20 years has been in the field of IT Security. Niall is a strong Information Security professional with broad-ranging expertise in IT Security Strategy, E-Commerce Solutions, IT Compliance Standards, Team Management, Network Design, IT Budgeting, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Business Impact Analysis, Incident Management, e-business Security, web design and Project Management.

In previous roles, Niall has been the Global Information Security Officer for Trintech, Head of Global IT Security for Adidas Group, Internet Security Project Manager and IT Security Consultant for HP and Compaq, IT Security and Project Manager for Citibank. Niall has designed several Internet Security products that are sold on the market today; one such solution was a firewall and IDS combined for Sygate Technology, which is now sold by Symantec as part of their endpoint security solution.

During some of the major virus attacks, Niall has been in critical roles where he has advised and assisted several major international companies in recovering their business and product line in a short time frame. Niall has played a senior role for 3 companies during periods where their IT system was affected globally during a major disaster. He has also implemented effective disaster prevention strategies in several organisations that have successfully help to prevent these company from several major disasters. Niall had organised and conducted IT Security Training courses for Compaq throughout Europe. In 2003 Niall was a speaker at the Marcus Evans European IT Security Conference in Switzerland.

On the February 12 2011 Security I Trust closed its IT Security service and training division. The www.securityitrust.com  website was then transformed into a Free IT Security Information website.  One of the primary issues in the IT Security market was that many businesses had Zero awareness of why they need IT Security so the new goal of Security I Trust has become a good IT Security resource on the Internet, packed with IT Security Tools, Tips, exam tools and general IT Security information so that it can become a useful resource for other organisations.

In 2017 “Security I Trust” realised that one of the big gape resulting in so many Data Breaches, and companies getting hacked is a result of companies failing to provide adequate IT security budget to including training of their staff. If companies are unwilling to train their staff with the necessary IT Security skill how can they expect their staff to ensure the company has adequate IT security knowledge. To make a small step toward this very large problem Security, I Trust started offering Forensic and Pen-testing course at a level that most individual can afford.