15 March 2024

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Immediate Edge Real of Scam

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Immediate Edge Real of Scam

Immediate Edge is recently been promoted all over the web, as the best and fastest way to make money from cryptocurrency. From reading most of the cryptocurrency reviews on Immediate Edge this sounds like a foolproof way to get rich fast.

After years of security investigations, I always stop when I see get-rich-fast schemes as most are scams.

Our finding when reviewing Immediate Edge:

  1. A large percentage of the so-called media sights offering reviews on how good “Immediate Edge” is are not trusted media websites. A large percentage of these websites had poor registered detains, SSL cert did not correctly match the website. So our conclusion was that most of these are simply popup websites to give you the false impression Immediate Edge is legit and the best thing around since sliced bread.
  2. When we examined the links on many of these websites to the Immediate Edge website we also found the links were sending us to fake Immediate Edge websites, All of these were scam sites trying to give you the impression you were on the official immediate Edge website so pay you to deposit to the scammers.
  3. From running a google search using the keywords “ Immediate Edge” we fail to find a website that we could confirm as a ligament website. We found some websites that looked almost like the real deal but when we check their registration and SSL cert information things did not add up.
  4. We found several financial authorities in different countries warning people that “Immediate Edge” was not registered as a ligament trading entity there for it was unauthorized to trade in their countries. Eg FCA, CONSOB, FSMA


  1. If you are trying to find the Immediate Edge website you have a higher chance of ending up on a scammer’s fake copy of the Immediate Edge website.
  2. The fact that Financial institutions and regulators are warning against “Immediate Edge” you have no come back or protection if you get ripped off.
  3. On the Immediate Edge website, the only way to contact them is through a web form. They do not provide an email address, postal address, etc. When we check the domain registration we also find that all the contact information is REDACTED. So to track down the owner behind Immediate Edge would be extremely difficult. If this is a ligament business then why do they need to hide?
  4. Many of the reviews said that they provide great security. But when we reviewed the HTTPS connection from our PC to the Immediate Edge website we noticed that insecure depreciated TLS versions were in use. So depending on how you connect to this website your HTTPS connection might not be secure.
  5. We did not create an account or try trading on the Immediate Edge because in our review we could not find any reason to convince us that we could trust them as a ligament business.
  6. We did not find evidence that conferment Immediate Edge is a scam, but we also did not find any evidence that gave us any reason to convince us that this was a ligament trustworthy business.

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