12 June 2024

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Photo print service Chatbooks – Data Breach

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After customers details which included items like emails address and passwords were listed for sale on underground forums Charbooks confirmed that a data breach has occurred.


According to reports, the following type of customer data was stolen:

  • login credentials
  • names
  • email addresses
  • salted and hashed passwords
  • phone numbers
  • Facebook IDs
  • merchant tokens


According to Chatbooks CEO, no payment or credit card data was compromised

On May 7, ZeroFox researchers reported that the Shiny Hunters hacking group was selling the Chatbooks customer database on underground forums

The Chatbooks database, published on May 3 for a sale price for $2,000 included email addresses, SHA-512 hashed passwords, social media access tokens and some personal identifiable information (PII). The database listed for sale claimed to contained 15 million rows of data.


If you are a user of Chatbooks you should change your password immediately.

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