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SANS Secure Europe is getting closer, have you registered? This is your chance to be part of the second biggest Info Sec training event in Europe with seven great technical, in-depth, and hands on classes running over two weeks in the heart of Amsterdam.

This year we will be running:

Week 1
– SEC401: SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp Style with Jim Herbeck
– SEC540: VoIP Security with Paul Henry
– SEC560: Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking with Stephen Sims
– FOR508: Advanced Computer Forensic Analysis and Incident Response with Jess Garcia

Week 2
– SEC617: Wireless Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing and Defences with Steve Armstrong
– SEC660: Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploits and Ethical Hacking with Stephen Sims
– FOR558: Network Forensics with Jess Garcia

REMEMBER, this is the only time that SEC540 & SEC617 will be running in Europe this year so don't miss this opportunity.

PLUS, this will be the first time that SEC660 has run in Europe since London 2010 where it sold out. It is currently running in SANS 2011 in Orlando, where it has sold out. Seats for Amsterdam are selling fast, and we are expecting another sell out in Amsterdam. So don't miss your place, register now

If you register and pay before April 13th, you will save EUR 150 off the tuition fee. So don't wait any longer, make sure you have your place booked and save some money at the same time.

SANS Secure Europe will be taking place at the Radisson Blu Amsterdam, right in the centre of this fantastic city, so check our location page,, to see how you can get the best rates available at the event hotel.

Next week on Tuesday, 5th of April, sees the start of our SANS Secure Europe Webcast series with "Evolving VoIP Threats," taught by Paul Henry

– 3:00 p.m. Central European Time.

VoIP is thriving in an otherwise down economy:

1. VoIP implementations are growing driven by cost savings 2. Cost is typically the only consideration in the implementation of VoIP – it is all about saving money 3. Security if considered at all is clearly an afterthought 4. Too many still dismiss VoIP threats as theoretical

VoIP can allow significant costs savings while not sacrificing an organizations security. Recognizing the threats and implementing the compensating and technical controls can make all the difference in a successful VoIP implementation.

Further Webcasts involving the instructors in Amsterdam will take place over the coming weeks; further details will be coming soon.

So make sure you are part of what is going to be a great training experience, and we'll see you in Amsterdam.

IT Security should not be a business stopper, Good IT security practices will enable a business to function in a safe and secure way


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Security is an extremely important consideration for any businesses, especially if your business is connected to the internet. When conducting business across the internet you are faced with issues like mitigating security risks and building customer trusts. Through the Security I Trust we help businesses build trust by addressing Security, Privacy and Business Identity. Our knowledge base and portfolio caters to all sizes and types of organisations.

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IT security is all about protecting data and information systems from unauthorized access, disclosure, and destruction.

Educating your staff in IT security is the best defence against the rising threats from hackers, fraud and viruses. The education of someone in the field of IT Security is critical, your company security depends on the knowledge and skill of you IT security staff, so to ensure they have the knowledge to protect your business you need to invest in ensuring their skill are fully up to date.