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A study that was commissioned by VeriSign shows that most organisation are not prepared to respond to web infrastructure failure caused by distributed denial of service attacks (DDos attacks). The report point out that Business need more advanced threat intelligence.

This report is no shock, because still so many businesses fail to understand the important of investing in IT Security. The growing number of attacks where customer information is been stolen is again evidence to the level of poor IT security practised been used in the industry by so many business.

The British royal family announced yesterday that Prince William would marry Kate Middleton next year. With an event like this, everyone would naturally be searching the internet for information on the event, so cyber criminal have seen this as an opportunity to take advantage of the news coverage. People who searched for “Kate Middleton” , “Images for Kate Middleton” were ending up on web pages that infected their PC.
According to Websense 22.4% of all searches for current news leads to malicious search results

Attackers have infected over 1 million cell phones in China with a malware virus. The virus sends out text messages automatically. When the malware infects the phones, it sends out information about the infected device SIM cards to the attackers. With the SIM information, the hacker can remotely send messages from the infected mobile phones.

The criminal behind this virus appear to be using this as way to make money because the phones are texting premium-rate numbers.

The virus spreads by texting everyone in the user’s phone book. So far it has been estimates that this virus has cost users over €220,000 Euro


A zero-day flaw in Adobe Reader. Attacks are spreading through a maliciously crafted PDF file that accompanies email messages. The attacks thus far appear to be targeted, as those who have received the malicious messages "work on common issues."

Affected Systems: Adobe Reader versions 9.3.4 and earlier for Windows, Mac OS X and Unix. Adobe Acrobat is also affected.

Until a patch is available, users are urged to use caution when opening PDF files.


According to a study conducted by Symantec, more malware originates from China 28.2%.  Close behind China is Romania, which is responsible for 21.1% of malware. Next was the United States at 13.8%, Taiwan 12.9%, UK 12.0%, Russia 0.9% 

Interestingly, a great deal of malware now targets people in specific roles rather than the public at large. Individuals with titles such as “director, senior official, vice president, manager, and executive director” tend to be hit with more spam, as do workers in the public policy and defencse industries

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Facebook could be hit with tens of thousands of euros in fines for storing personal data of people who are not Facebook members.

German officials have initiated legal proceedings against the social networking site for violating the country's data privacy laws. Facebook routinely asks people who are already members to upload contact lists from their mobile phones and email accounts so Facebook can invite those people to join. Facebook retains the contact information, whether or not the people choose to join, even though the people have not given Facebook permission to store that information. Hamburg Data Protection Authority head Johannes Caspar has received several complaints from individuals whose information has been shared with third parties.