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Our Free Online CISSP Practice Exam section is been redesigned. The new portal will be live in the next few week.

Note: Doing CISSP practice exams does not guarantee you a pass in your CISSP exam. But to pass your CISSP exam you need to have a good knowledge in each Security Domain. Our practice exam is designed to help you test your knowledge in each domain.

Over the next few weeks we plan to have added all 10 Security Domain for CISSP to this website. Feel free to try out our exams and please send us feedback on your impression of our test and any suggestion you might have on how we can improve this section.


CISSP Exam Domain Number or Question  
Access Control    
 Application Development Security 3  
 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning    
 Information Security Governance and Risk Management                       24  
 Legal, Regulations, Investigations and Compliance    
 Operations Security    
 Physical (Environmental) Security 45  
 Security Architecture and Design    
 Telecommunications and Network Security    


01/09/2010 Added 45 Question to the Physical Security Domain

This section will be update in the coming weeks

IT Security Practise Exams

We are currently in the process of building a free practice exam section. Our first exam will be the CISSP Exam. This free online practise exam will be divided in to 10 modules, each targeting a different Security Domain.

We are building a complete new Security Exam portal(Plan it to have this completed by mid 2015)

FREE IT Security CISSP Exam Questions

 Free Online CISSP Practise Exam. 

If you are training four your CISSP exam out Free CISSP exam practise section is designed to help you pass your exam.