Possible Cyber Attacks at London and US Stock Exchanges under Investigating

(LSE) and an unspecified US stock exchange were targeted by attackers intent on disrupting financial markets.  The LSE is investigating an attack at its headquarters last year; the US exchange has attributed an attack on its system to Russia.  A May 6, 2010 flash crash (a large, short-lived decline in prices) saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummet 1,000 points in one day.  A similar event occurred at LSE in August 2010. LSE systems are not Internet-based.
[Editor's Note (Paller): Claims that systems are not Internet-based are misleading. We learned this when Slammer disabled Bank of America's ATMs.The folks at BofA and other banks had repeatedly claimed their ATMs were not "Internet-based." The problem is that computer devices share the network with Internet-active systems, and it's too easy for malware to jump to any connected device. If the LSE systems do not share routers with Internet connected devices, their maintenance people wouldn't be able to get their work done.]

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