New Intel AMT Security Vulnerability that Lets Hackers Gain Full Control of Laptops in 30 Seconds

Researchers warn of a new attack that could be carried out in where in less than about 30 seconds and potentially affects millions of laptops globally. But is the attack really that back and do we all need to panic. To be honed it verb bad for intent, but for the rest of us don’t panic, the sky is not falling.

If an attacker gets physical access to your laptop and that specific laptop supports this Intel AMT (Active Management Technology), the hacker has to enable this feature, the hacker can remotely connect to your laptop. The fact that the attack has to gain physical access to the laptop means that this attack is very limited, also that means the risk to the attacker of getting caught is high, so what would most attacker go to such a high risk to gain access to your data when they have so many other successful ways of doing this without putting themselves at high risk of been caught. So we from what we have seen so fat the risk is more than an attacker would only take this risk when that is specifically targeting an individual in a very targeted attack, where they are hoping to stay under the radar.
Our assumption is that for the majority of laptop out this attack might be very bad, but the risk of becoming a victim is very low.

What is AMT
AMT is a feature that comes in Intel-based chipsets to enhance the ability of IT administrators and managed service providers for better controlling their device fleets, allowing them to remotely manage and repair PCs, workstations, and servers in their organization. 

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