BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security protects your website from XSS, CSRF, Base64_encode and SQL Injection hacking attempts. One-click .htaccess WordPress security protection. Protects wp-config.php, bb-config.php, php.ini, php5.ini, install.php and readme.html with .htaccess security protection. One-click Website Maintenance Mode (HTTP 503). Additional website security checks: DB errors off, file and folder permissions check… System Info: PHP, MySQL, OS, Memory Usage, IP, Max file sizes… Built-in .htaccess file editing, uploading and downloading.

The BulletProof Security WordPress Security plugin is designed to be a fast, simple and one click security plugin to add .htaccess website security protection for your WordPress website. Activate .htaccess website security and .htaccess website under maintenance modes from within your WordPress Dashboard – no FTP required. The BulletProof Security WordPress plugin is a one click security solution that creates, copies, renames, moves or writes to the provided BulletProof Security .htaccess master files. BulletProof Security protects both your Root website folder and wp-admin folder with .htaccess website security protection, as well as providing additional website security protection.

BulletProof Security allows you to add .htaccess website security protection from within the WordPress Dashboard so that you do not have to access your website via FTP or your Web Host Control Panel in order to add website security protection for your WordPress site. BulletProof Security Modes: Root .htaccess security protection, wp-admin .htaccess security protection, Deny All .htaccess self protection, WordPress default .htaccess mode and .htaccess Maintenance Mode (503 Website Under Maintenance). In BulletProof Security Mode your WordPress website is protected from XSS, CSRF, Base64_encode and SQL Injection hacking attempts.

Maintenance Mode is AutoMagic as of BulletProof Security .46.1. Create your website under maintenance page within BulletProof Security in minutes and activate Maintenance Mode to put your website in maintenance mode. Maintenance Mode allows website developers or website owners to access and work on a website while a 503 Website Under Maintenance page is displayed to all other visitors to the website.

BulletProof Security provides the additional website security measures and protection that every website should have.

  • One-click .htaccess website security protection from within the WP Dashboard
  • Secure .htaccess protection blocks XSS, CSRF, Base64_encode and SQL Injection hacking attempts
  • Permanent online backup and restore
  • Built-in File Editing, File Downloading and File Uploading
  • WordPress readme.html and /wp-admin/install.php protected with .htaccess security protection
  • wp-config.php and bb-config.php files protected with .htaccess security protection
  • php.ini and php5.ini files protected with .htaccess security protection
  • WordPress database errors turned off – Verification and function insurance
  • WordPress version is not displayed / not shown – WordPress version is removed
  • WP Generator Meta Tag filtered – not displayed / not shown
  • The Administrator username “admin” check – check WP DB for admin username
  • System Information Page PHP, MySQL, Server Info, Memory Usage, Upload size, etc.
  • Security Status Page – Displays all website security status information
  • File and Folder Permission Checking
  • Help & FAQ page – links to BPS Guide and other detailed Help & Info pages
  • Extensive Read Me! help hover ToolTips throughout the BulletProof Security plugin pages
  • Backup and Restore your original existing .htaccess files
  • Backup and Restore customized / modified .htaccess files
  • Use, modify, edit add too the provided BulletProof Security .htaccess Master files
  • Create your own .htaccess Master files and use BulletProof Security to manage them
  • Website Developer Maintenance Mode (503 website open to Developer / Site Owner ONLY)
  • Log in / out of your website while in Maintenance Mode
  • Customizable 503 Website Under Maintenance page w/Javascript countdown timer
  • Detailed Success / Error message display / HUD
  • BPS Pro Modules – BPS Pro Modules are installed separately


  • For BPS upgrades – Backup your files before upgrading.
  • BPS includes permanent online backup options.
  • For new installations – If you are downloading the zip file from the WordPress Plugin Directory.
  • Download the bulletproof-security.zip file to your computer and unzip it.
  • Upload the bulletproof-security folder (including all files within) to your /wp-content/plugins folder.
  • Activate the BulletProof Security plugin.
  • Activating the BulletProof Security Plugin DOES NOT activate any of the BulletProof Security .htaccess modes.
  • BulletProof Security has built-in Backup and Restore. Back up your existing .htaccess files first before activating BulletProof Security Modes.
  • Click on the Settings link under BulletProof Security on your Plugins page or click the WP Settings Panel, then BulletProof Security to go to the BulletProof Security Settings page.
  • Click on the Read Me First link at the top of the BulletProof Security Settings page. Enjoy!