Intellectual Property Theft: Do you even know if it has happened to you?

Would you do business with criminal?

Do you trust someone that steals?

You would be shocked to find out how many unprofessional business out there are too stingy to pay to have someone create a logo for them so they just STEAL someone else’s logo. In our case over 70 individual have stolen our logo to user as an image on their website or even as their business logo, most of these so call businesses are actually based in the US. Some even claim to be security Companies and security consultants.

If you see this exact logo on any website except then you are more then likely look at that website of some one who has no regard for copyright.

Logo stolen form Security I Trust
Logo stolen form Security I Trust

From our investigation in to this we are shocked at the unprofessional claim and action from US individuals regarding the unauthorized use of our logo:

  • We were you partner and did business together in the past so I taught I could use you logo. This was just lies as the person never worked with us.
  • You gave me permission 7 year ago to user it. Again another lie
  • I taught that all images you find using a search engine are free for anyone to do what they like with.
  • It did not have a big copyright disclaimer wrote across it, so I taught it was ok to use.
  • It’s not a great logo so why do you care about it. If this individual taught it was not so great then why did he user is on his website.
  • I now have a sour feeling towards you but I will remove the logo form my site. So this person thinks that we should be worried that he is unhappy because we identified the stolen content on his website.
  • But the one the really hits the nail on the head is a US company offering to help people with Intellectual Property, and identity protection – they are using this stolen logo on their home page.

I could go on but it’s a disgrace the comments, lies and excuses we are receiving form US individuals. Regards other countries where we contacted website owners some replies with a simple apology, and other just removed the log.

At no time, since the date this logo was created did we give any individual or business the right to use any of our logo. 

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