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NSS Labs, Inc., a leading independent security testing organization, announced the release of two test reports of Endpoint Protection Products (EPP). The reports reveal new shortcomings in these widely deployed products. They cover multi-vector attacks (malware delivered from the web, email, network file sharing and USB flash drives), memory-only attacks, and anti-evasion techniques.

Key findings from the reports show:

  • Malware caught via one entry point may not be detected when introduced via another entry point. E.g. malware that is detected via a web download could be missed if downloaded from a USB drive or network file server.
  • Products missed between 10% and 60% of the evasions typically used by cybercriminals.
  • Less than a third of the tested vendors had protection for memory-only malware, leaving a significant evasion gap in their products.

All of the products tested had been certified by multiple organizations. However, traditional antivirus test and certification labs are simply not performing this level of gloves-off testing. Enterprises basing purchasing decisions off such vendor-funded reports are therefore blind to the holes in their endpoint security defences.

“IT organizations worldwide have a false sense of security in part due to tests that have been too easy,” said Vik Phatak, CTO, NSS Labs. “Our test results point towards the need for more realistic testing based on what cybercriminals are actually doing to breach corporate defences.”

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Several people have recommended this software to me so I decided to do review of this software. After install the software, I ran a complete scan. The scan picked up one item so I selected the remove option. Up to this point the software appeared to be user friendly, but after pressing the remove bottom to remove the malware the unprofessional side of this software showed up. Without warning the PC when in shut down mode, no change to save any work or close any open programs, no warning message. I tested the Malware Bytes on two PC, one running Windows 7 and the other with Windows XP. Both PC were infected with different malware, and the software had the same unprofessional issue on both PC. Many People work at their PC while scanning for viruses and malware in the background. The last thing any user wants to see is there PC rebooting without warning. To see software behave in this manner is as if the vendor had no regard for the pc user. The version we tested with was 1.44 After seeing the way this software acted, we did not continue our test to determine how good this software was compared to other top product on the market. This reboot with our warning issue was enough to convince us that this was not a product we would recommend. Should the vendor ensure that this software no longer reboot a PC without warning we would reconsider testing the software