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The latest trend is no longer to hack for fun but to hack to make money. Cyber Criminals (Hackers) have realised that it’s easier to get played and stay under the radar by charging small amounts instead of larger ransoms.

What they are doing is targeting the Computers and IT System on Irish business and
• Locking you out of the data on your computer.
o In some cases they have encrypted this data so that it can’t be access,
o They have used some special software to hide the date on your PC,
• They may even removed that data from your PC.

In all these scenario type the business is contacted by the hacker and been informed that they can have their data back if they pay a small fee.

What type of data are they targeting:
1. Invoicing systems
2. Financial data
3. Production data
4. CRM systems
5. Customer contact lists
6. Sales information
7. Product designs
8. Payroll

Many businesses are paying this ransom, because they need that data urgently, and they are afraid to look for help as they don’t want their customer and the public to know that their business was a victim of cyber crime.