IT Security Awareness

IT Security Awareness

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Saddest Thing: 15 Year Old Girl Commited Suicide Because Of Getting Bullied!


An investigation commissioned by data protection company CPP Group found that many people in the UK who sell their old smartphones and SIM cards are failing to wipe the devices of sensitive personal data.  More than half of the devices examined for the study were found to contain credit card PINs, bank account information, and login information for social networking sites.  The information was gathered from 35 used phones and 50 used SIM cards.  Users selling old phones should perform a factory reset.  Unless old SIM cards are being transferred to another of the owner's devices, they should be destroyed.

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The demand for IT Security skills is so low in Ireland that most Irish job website don’t even had a job category for IT Security.  It’s no secret that cyber crime is on the up in Ireland, so does this mean the majority of Irish business are not looking to recruit the right people to protect them, or does it prove that there is a lack of awareness in Ireland for the need of IT security.


Shocking but the answer is yes your computer could put you in jail. Imagine is the financial system of a major bank were hacked and the police tracked the attack back to your PC. How can you prove it was not you. You claim that you do not have the skill to hack, but can you prove this? A large percentage of PC users do not have proper security on their Pc because they are naive and think that a hacker would not be interested in their PC. How stupid is their thinking because hackers are interested in every PC, if there is nothing on a PC worth stealing the Pc is still useful as a hacking Platform. The actual truth is if you not putting the correct security in place to protect your Pc then you are actually assisting  hacker. People have been prosecuted for assisting hacker. If you don’t put the basic security in place then you have no way to prove your innocents, you may as well be the hacker.

Fact: Dumb hackers hack using their home Pc. Intelligent hackers will remotely control a PC like yours so that they are using your Pc to perform the attack.


Research just released claims to show that IT staff are spending their resources on security to ease customer concerns and establish better levels of online trust.
The survey of more than 700 European IT professionals found that UK IT managers lose more sleep over their customers' security fears than over direct threats to their websites such as phishing, identity theft or site spoofing.
The research – which was sponsored by VeriSign – found that 88% of UK IT managers rank customer confidence in security at the top of their list of concerns and have allocated an average of 19% of their IT budgets to security measures addressing those fears.
These interesting findings suggest that respondents are wary of what VeriSign calls "the potentially corrosive effect" of growing online threats on customer confidence and online sales.
Researchers also discovered how UK organisations have responded to consumer fears, how consumers have responded in turn, and where opportunities for security improvements remain.
40% of respondents reported using third-party trust marks to make their security credentials more visible to website visitors.
The same volumes of IT managers surveyed also claimed that they had deployed extended validation SSL Certificates – which normally turn the web browser bar green – to provide customers visual assurances that site ownership has been verified by a certificate authority.

We have been getting different reports about system been scanned on TCP port 23, also from doing some research we have noticed that there is many other sources around the world also reporting a sudden increase in this activity.

This type of activity is normal as a new virus starts it build up before it becomes a global disaster. We have seen similar activity in the past when we predicted other virus out brakes like Sessor before they became public knowledge.  Hacking trends have changes and it has been a long time since we saw a major virus outbreak. There is not enough evidence yet to support the possibility that this is a new virus, and it might turn out to be something going on in the hacking world where  port 23 is been targeted.

TCP Port 23 is normally used by the Telnet protocol

In the wake of a string of complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against Facebook, reports have surfaced that former FTC chairman Tim Muris is helping the social networking company with its privacy policy. Facebook has issued a statement denying that it has hired Muris; it is likely that he is being brought in as a consultant.
Facebook’s revamped policy allows the site to share user information with other websites.,2817,2363576,00.asp