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Internet Content Filtering

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  • You have the ability to conduct investigation on employees suspected of abuse
  • In almost every company you have some employees that use the Internet inappropriately.
  • An employee using the internet for more than business requirements is becoming an increasing problem for business and as the internet advances this problem is growing. Research across many different types of business have identified that employees abusing their Internet privileges by chatting with friends, conducting online stock trades, online shopping, downloading pirated videos/Music, accessing site with inappropriate content such as porn sites, and a lot more. The result of all this is loss of productivity and decreased profits for a company and maybe a lawsuit resulting for downloading of pirated content.
  • By controlling access to certain type of internet traffic you can drastically increase the productivity of employees, increased productivity equals increased profits for your company.
  • It is estimated that approximately 75 minutes each day is used for non-business internet related activity on company computers by employees.
  • Company Data is your greatest assets, by allowing open access to the internet you are putting your company data at risk because many websites have hidden tool to extract date from the employee’s pc. Protect your confidential data from leaking to third-parties through controlling your companies internet, and blocking attack and infected websites.
  • Generally courts have ruled in favour of the employer in a vast majority of cases regarding workplace privacy, simply because if you have no content filtering in place the you are seeing as allowing free internet access.
  • Chances are you already have suspicions about a few or many employees who are abusing their Internet privileges throughout the work day. These are the ones who cannot complete their work on time even while given significant time to do so. These are the ones who close windows as you or someone else walks by. These are the ones you need to MONITOR!
    • 92% of online stock trading occurs from the workplace during work hours.
    • 30% of employees watch sports online while at work.
    • 24% of employees do online shopping while at work.
    • Employees use company Internet access to visit sites more frequently at work than they do at home because of the high-speed Internet access at work.
    • 30 to 40% of Internet use in the workplace is not related to business.- IDC Research
    • 70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs during the nine-to-five work day.- SexTracker
    • 37% of employees say they surf the Web constantly at work.-
  • These figures are simply shocking and it occurs in nearly every business in the world today. Not only is productivity lost, but your revenue suffers a significant drain as work is not being completed during the time you are paying it to be done.
  1. Create an easy form of discipline when implementing your policy. For example, first violation involved warning, second violation a reprimand, and so on.
  2. You need to understand what a first violation of the policy should be and how you will judge it. IF a good employee who has never violated the policy before suddenly starts to access porn site, step back and review the situation. There may be some one else using his pc when he is not at his desk, or maybe his pc is infected with a virus that is accessing these sites.
  3. If you are going to monitor your employees then monitor everyone. You cannot single out certain departments – everyone must be monitored to keep your policy uniform.
  4. Monitoring of your employees should not be handled by the IT department, this is a HR responsibility.
  5. To keep in line with data protection laws you should inform your employees that you are now monitoring internet connectivity.
  6. What to expect from your employees, 
    • Expect resentment
    • Some employees will never accept it – they expect a certain amount of privacy.



Why should you monitor whaT your employees are doing online?

Here are the top ten reasons why monitoring what your employees are doing online is important. 

10 Top reasons to monitor employees:


  1. Computer and their Internet connections is company property.
  2. Increase your employee productivity.
  3. Morale among employees is low when they are not doing their job.
  4. Stop trade secrets and confidential matters from leaving your company.
  5. Protect your company from sexual harassment defamation and/or illegal activity lawsuits.
  6. Maintenance and management of systems.
  7. Troubleshooting within your network and applications.
  8. Bandwidth and storage capacity planning.
  9. Legal liability protection.
  10. Conduct employee investigations.