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If you are a user of Norton Antivirus software, this is not the news you want to hear. According to reports Symantec has confirmed that they were compromised by a group of hackers known as “The Lords of Dharmaraja”.  This hacking group claim they have possession of the Norton Antivirus source. According to Symantec the code is from old Norton versions, some ov which are no longer sold.

The hacking group made claim that they will publishing the source code on line. The fear is that other hackers will use this information to craft virus/code to exploit the antivirus. Knowing how the software identifies malicious processes could allow a hacker to work around it. However the potential damage this code can cause is only something Symantec knows.

We have seen some reports that claim the code was not stolen from Symantec directly but from a Third Party.

The hackers claim to be from India and call themselves The Lords of Dhamaraja.


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Now we release confidential documentation we encountered of Symantec corporation and it’s Norton AntiVirus source code which we are going to publish later on, we are working out mirrors as of now since we experience extreme pressure and censorship from US and India government agencies


The Stuxnet Worm was first discovered in July 2010 by a security firm in Belarus, but did not make global headlines until months later when Iranian state media announced the Middle East nation had been the target of a coordinated attack.

The Stuxnet worm was "the first of its kind. It was written to specifically target mission critical control systems running a specific combination of software and hardware.

There are a lot of concerns that the Stuxnet worm could be altered to attack key components of any nation's infrastructure, from electricity grids to oil rigs.

Many experts believe that the Stuxnet worm was only the beginning of a new kind of cyber attacks against critical infrastructure.

It’s quite possible the in 2011 or 2012 that we will see copycat versions of Stuxnet been used by terrorists to try and cripple the infrastructure of some of the major powers.

Hackers gained unauthorized access to one of the ashampoo servers. They believe the hackers were after customer data. According ashampoo sensitive data such as billing information is not affected, because Ashampoo does not store this data. The stolen pieces of information are data of addresses such as name and e-mail address.