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Secure Your Data in the Cloud




Deep Security By Trend Micro

Trend Micro Deep Security provides advanced protection for systems in the cloud. Deep Security combines intrusion detection and prevention, firewall, integrity monitoring, log inspection, and agentless anti-malware capabilities to helps prevent data breaches and ensure business continuity. This dynamic, centrally managed solution also supports compliance with important standards and regulations such as PCI, FISMA, and HIPAA.


The Cloud Security Alliance has released their report on cloud security risks. In their report they outlined the top 7 risks as:

  1. Abuse and Nefarious Use of Cloud Computing.
  2. Insecure Interfaces and APIs.
  3. Malicious Insiders.
  4. Shared Technology Issues.
  5. Data Loss or Leakage.
  6. Account or Service Hijacking.
  7. Unknown Risk Profile

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and HP have published new research findings that detail the potential threats surrounding the use of cloud services.

Symantec announced a new security application designed to help organizations extend the visibility of their IT infrastructure to include cloud-based applications such as Salesforce. The solution, Symantec Security Assessment for Salesforce, will be available on the Salesforce AppExchange and integrate with the Symantec Control Compliance Suite, providing customers a view of the security and compliance of information and applications whether they reside on premise or in the cloud.