According to nearly half of UK business men surveyed the Data protection laws are too relaxed

1200 organisations polled and almost half believe UK data protection laws are too relaxed and need to be revised.
87% of said organisations should be forced to disclose when sensitive data is exposed. At present, UK organisations are not required by law to disclose data breaches
The government is holding a public consultation on data protection legislation until 6 October and is seeking feedback on how laws can be improved.
Although 37% were confident their organisation complied with data protection legislation, 34% said they were concerned that it did not comply.
A further 15% said they were not sure whether their organisation complied with data protection legislation but they were not concerned, and 14% said they did not know.
Awareness of the importance of data protection appears to be improving, with 20% saying their users were very aware and 41% saying they were mostly aware, but 34% still said users were mostly unaware.

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