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The British royal family announced yesterday that Prince William would marry Kate Middleton next year. With an event like this, everyone would naturally be searching the internet for information on the event, so cyber criminal have seen this as an opportunity to take advantage of the news coverage. People who searched for “Kate Middleton” , “Images for Kate Middleton” were ending up on web pages that infected their PC.
According to Websense 22.4% of all searches for current news leads to malicious search results

Attackers have infected over 1 million cell phones in China with a malware virus. The virus sends out text messages automatically. When the malware infects the phones, it sends out information about the infected device SIM cards to the attackers. With the SIM information, the hacker can remotely send messages from the infected mobile phones.

The criminal behind this virus appear to be using this as way to make money because the phones are texting premium-rate numbers.

The virus spreads by texting everyone in the user’s phone book. So far it has been estimates that this virus has cost users over €220,000 Euro


Tracking documents and printing is not enough yet. SurveilStar also enables you to control over every document operation. You can forbid certain users from accessing some documents, or grant read-only ability to the users.

SurveilStar can block copying files to removable devices, burning files to disc, transferring files via IM/FTP tools, or printing documents.

The document operation log contents include

  • Document operation type
  • Time
  • Computer name
  • User name
  • Source file name
  • File size
  • Path
  • Disk type
  • Application and caption.

If the file is shared via network, SurveilStar will also track who has been operated the shared file and the user’s IP address.


SurveilStar makes it easy for administrators or senior-level management to control access to mission-critical files and data. SurveilStar creates a record of who opened what file at what time and made what changes to it.

Thus, SurveilStar is raising the bar in data protection, by taking actions – blocking or tracking access — based on the contents within a file (for example, a Word document or Excel spreadsheet) as well as file names and paths, SurveilStar also eliminates the need for cumbersome fingerprinting of documents, or the need to check all files against a critical document repository on a server.

SurveilStar allows you to enforce individually, on a case-by-case basis, the policies that will affect each employee’s computer use. Example: your CEO can have blanket permission to attach files to an email. A junior member of the accounting team, however, can be blocked from attaching a spreadsheet of your company’s financial data to email.

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  • 30% of people had stolen a contact database when they left an employer
  • 70% of people have stolen key information from work
  • 21% of data theft burn corporate documents and information onto CDs
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